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Every year, the SRMS PTSO contributes thousands of dollars toward the improvement of our school. We pay for school upgrades, teacher appreciation, student programs, materials for clubs, etc.  Your financial involvement is greatly appreciated. All of this is only possible with your support. SRMS PTSO Thanks You!

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CALL TO ACTION: Volunteers are an essential part of making our students experience the best it can be at SRMS. Thousands of volunteer hours are needed over the entire school year to support our students, teachers and administrators. SRMS has many FUN activity and event opportunities scattered throughout the school year. Complete the background check process as soon as possible to donate your time to SRMS. Make connections with our SRMS staff and faculty, as well as other SRMS parents and guardians. We greatly appreciate your personal participation and guarantee it will be time well spent. GO SHARKS!!


Anne Arundel County Public Schools is committed to providing safe and secure learning environments for all students and employees. Successful completion of a background check is required before any person has access to students, either on or off school property. The Office of Investigations has continued to work closely with the Office of School Security to review AACPS protocols for conducting background checks.


Step 1:

Anyone applying to be a chaperone or volunteer must be at least 18 years of age. Background checks should be completed at least 3-weeks prior to activity or event. Please visit the AACPS Chaperone/Volunteer Background Investigations page for more information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


Background investigations are divided into two categories:

  • Fingerprint-Supported Background Checks

    • Approved Fingerprint-Supported Background Checks involve payment but are good throughout your family’s uninterrupted education with AACPS and no longer require submission of the Commercial Background Check. This type of background check allows for all types of chaperone/volunteer opportunities.

  • Commercial Background Checks

    • Approved Commercial Background Checks are free but are only valid for 2 calendar years. This type of background check does not allow for all types of chaperone/volunteer opportunities. 

Step 2

Upon approval of either background check above, everyone who applies to be a Volunteer/Chaperone for AACPS, must view the Sexual Harassment/Child Abuse Training Video [ENGLISH & ESPAÑOL VERSIONS] and submit a Video Verification Form prior to the volunteer/chaperone having access to students. Failure to do so will result in a disapproval status for access until such time the video is viewed. Links to these videos and verification forms can be found on the Sexual Harassment/Child Abuse Training Video page.



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